December 12, 2017
Brittany Faust

The Power of Paper


There’s a lot that goes into successful branding.

Think about a brand that you know well. If I say golden arches and “I’m lovin it,” you immediately think McDonalds, right? I didn’t need to say the name for you to identify them. And if I do mention a name, like Coca-Cola, for example, you...

December 07, 2017
Ted Raymond

How much should I budget for marketing?


It’s that time of year — when you should be finalizing your 2018 marketing plan and nailing down your marketing budget. But, how much should you invest? The short answer is, it depends. Asking how much you should budget on marketing is a bit like asking how rich should you be. Investing some...

December 05, 2017
Brittany Faust

How to Plan a Good Potluck

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s a potluck. We host them regularly and each one has its own theme. Everyone participates, some slaving away the night before, making their famous culinary delights from scratch — while others show up late to work after making a last minute dash to...

November 30, 2017
Matt Schaeffer

Are your Sales and Marketing teams aligned?


Sales and Marketing:

Two great teams each with a clearly defined strategy, always working together toward a common goal that never experience any conflict or finger-pointing. The marketing team serves up high quality leads and the sales team closes a high percentage of deals. Everyone wins!


November 28, 2017
Brittany Faust

Multitasking: Just Say No!

Oh, multitasking. When did you become such a good thing? It’s almost seen as a badge of honor that people wear proudly. Look at all the things I can do at once! I’m a powerhouse!

People cite is as a strength in interviews, proudly display it on their resumes and shout it from the rooftops…while...

November 23, 2017
Colin Cybulski

Professional Sports & Endurance Event Sponsorships - a unique way to further highlight your brand


These days, most brand managers and marketers are not content to simply slap their logo on something and call it a day. Sure, that works great for packaging and retail efforts, but what about sponsorships? Some time ago, it was also considered satisfactory for big brands to buy naming rights...

November 21, 2017
Brittany Faust

The Month of Gratitude: Thank Your Customers

Happy November!

Ok, ok I know it’s almost over but better late than never, right? I’ve just been so busy being grateful over here that I forgot to remind all of you to do the same. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s an important time to take stock of what’s important to us and offer...

November 16, 2017
Eileen Rogers

Asking Volunteers to Give: Yay or Nay?


Your best prospects for new donors already know you (and so do your best prospects for growing new volunteers).

This question has been debated for years in the various nonprofit organizations I’ve worked with. Should we dare ask our volunteers to give us money? They already give their time and...

November 14, 2017
Brittany Faust

Hold The Phone! Trackable Phone Numbers & Why You Need Them


So remember when caller ID came out? It must’ve been the late nineties when it hit my household and teenage me was so excited.  I no longer had to have that instant regret when I picked up the receiver and realized it wasn’t my crush calling but rather my super chatty relative who would then...
November 09, 2017
Reyna Olvey

Is The Future of Print the Future of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality and print – two marketing channels that have nothing to do with one another, right? Hey, that’s what we thought too, but boy are we delighted to be wrong! We recently discovered the greatest wine label on the shelf at the grocery store (and became the life of every party for...

A logo is not a brand unless it’s on a cow
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For years, the fantastic team at Allegra has helped us focus on the needs and interests of our stakeholders, how best to meet their desires, and how to strategically build and strengthen those relationships. The Allegra team has helped us develop and execute integrated marketing approaches and very successful fundraising campaigns. Their team is trustworthy, strategic and committed to the stability and advancement of our success as a fundraising not-for-profit.

-Dayna Gabler, MA, CFRE
Chief Development Officer
Arizona's Children Association

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