February 27, 2018 A New Perspective on Print


You’ve heard that print is outdated, old-school, retro…or even dead. And maybe for a while, it fell in popularity, but it surely never died. With the rise of digital everything, print had to take a backseat to the new and shiny world available on a screen. People were obsessed with being online. Why carry around a bulky book when you could have an entire library on your e-reader? It seemed like the possibilities were endless. The future was bright…and backlit.

But fast forward to today and that bright future is a lot less appealing. In fact, people are overwhelmed by the pervasive reach of the digital world. It seems like what was once considered amazing and convenient is now seen as intrusive and claustrophobic. We struggle to “unplug” on our downtime because the emails never stop coming in. We find it hard to focus on our responsibilities when there’s a new show to binge. We never need to reach out to people in real time when we can “keep up” with them on social media.

There’s more and more articles online everyday about how to tune out, reclaim your real life, and set boundaries for being online. There’s also real concern about how damaging screen time can be to our health. So now that people are stressed, tired (and possibly suffering from digital eye strain), print is sitting pretty.

It’s not a comeback so much as an evolution. Now people are shifting their perspective on print. It’s more than ink on paper. It’s an experience. A tactile, very real thing that people can hold in their hands. They can feel the textured paper or the raised embossing of a letterpressed piece. They can even smell the piece (yes, scratch n sniff is a thing). They can bend it, fold it, use it as a fan on a hot day or stuff it in the junk drawer by the fridge.

Even if it ultimately makes its way to the garbage can, a printed piece is inherently more memorable than its digital counterpart for the simple reason that it was touched. And the power of touch can’t be denied. With so much of our current world existing in 2D, print’s “old-school” third dimension is what’s helping it thrive. And that can help you with your marketing endeavors.

So the next time you go to send out another mass email, take a second and consider direct mail. It has the power to not only deliver information, but to create an emotional experience for your audience through print. Use print to enhance your brand and create a lasting impression amidst all of the digital clutter we’re all drowning in these days.

Speaking of, why are you still reading this? Get away from the screen and go take a walk!


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