April 11, 2019 A Print Portal for the Technophobe


In 1984 the world was introduced to the Austrian body-building Artificial Intelligence known as the "Terminator". It was one of several films playing off our sometimes irrational fear of new technologies. This same technophobia may be influencing the workflows your team adopts for managing your business, creating inefficiencies and runaway costs.

Is Technophobia Negatively Influencing Your Business?

  • Do you access all your marketing collateral from one online location?
  • Can your team painlessly personalize company assets and print materials?
  • Is your brand consistent across your entire marketing portfolio?
  • Does your print procurement workflow easily incorporate approval, budget, and compliance considerations?

If you cannot answer yes to each of these questions, your team may think their computers are overly complex, difficult-to-use, or cleverly disguised hyperalloy combat machines. But there is a cure for this malady. Empower your business with an easy-to-use Pixa Print Portal.

As Easy as 1-2-3

The Pixa Print Portal system is a powerful cloud-based document management tool with an easy-to-use online interface.  Here's how it works. Tina Team Member logs into a user-specific web portal and selects from a catalog of "products" that represent pre-approved collateral and documents. She easily identifies the products she needs by searching the name, finding and clicking the picture, or grouping products into categories that make sense to her business.


Once a product is selected, Tina customizes her item with straightforward data entry and drop-down menu style choices. These variable design templates allow for brand-consistency, while meeting the needs of a growing team and multiple business locations.  When personalized to her liking, she clicks "Finished Editing".



Now Tina is ready to checkout. She can optionally add additional products to her shopping cart, edit previously added items, or finish checking out by specifying when and where she wants her materials delivered. If Tina's order needs additional department approval, an approving team member is notified by email and can view and approve the product from the email. Tina can also reorder products she has previously personalized.

checkout-1Select, Customize, Checkout. As simple as that. And where more bells and whistles are desired, we got that too.

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