January 10, 2019 Call Tracking for Direct Mail


When it comes to direct mail, the most important question to ask is “Is it effective?” 

Obviously, there’s no point in blindly spending marketing dollars on campaigns without understanding your results. But how do you know if a direct mail piece was successful? How can you be sure that your marketing efforts have paid off?

TRACKING, of course!

There are multiple ways to track results on direct mail: URL Tracking, QR Codes, Coupon Codes and one of our favorites…Call Tracking.

What is Call Tracking?

To put it simply, call tracking provides you with a unique phone number that you can place on your direct mail pieces in order to distinguish which callers found you through that specific campaign.

How it works

The call tracking number you receive will forward seamlessly to your current business line and will be recorded for you to listen to, should you want to also monitor your customer service team’s ability to satisfy customers.

Each time a call is placed using that unique number, the call tracking software will keep track of the call for analytics so you’ll be able to see clearly how effective your campaign was.

Why use it

You may have a coupon on your piece as well and think that you could get the same data from simply counting coupons. But what you’d miss is the amount of people who called your business and didn’t use the coupon. Coupons are great, yes, but they don’t always provide an enticing offer for every customer.

Let’s put it this way…say you send out a piece featuring a coupon for a FREE large pizza with a purchase of another large pizza. That’s a delicious deal and will certainly appeal to many customers-party, anyone? But two large pizzas is a lot of pizza, so your coupon might not entice Bill and Sharon, who are looking to order a medium pizza and watch a movie on a Saturday night. They will put aside your coupon, but may still pick up the phone and order from you. That’s still a successful direct mail piece, even though your coupon fell flat with them.

With call tracking, you’ll be able to see a more comprehensive picture of how effective your piece was as a whole, not just how effective your offer was. In fact, you may find that you still receive calls from a piece weeks after the coupon expired!


Why else?

As an added benefit, call tracking will also help you monitor your customer service. Every call is recorded by call tracking software, so you’ll have the opportunity to listen in and understand your customer’s needs better, as well as how your team can better serve them. You’ll spot patterns and shortfalls easily so you can educate your staff and satisfy your customers. And when your staff knows their calls will be recorded, they are more likely to provide their best customer service.


So, if you’re considering a direct mail campaign, also consider call tracking to help more accurately and comprehensively track your results. 


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