August 23, 2018 In Case You Missed It:  Watch Webinar On-Demand

Well, summer vacations have come and gone, the kids are back to school, and everyone is starting to focus on priorities for the rest of 2018.  Pixa has been busy this summer settling into our new office, meeting our neighbors, grilling on the patio and putting together an informative webinar about collateral management and the marketing supply chain. 

On Wednesday this week, webinar attendees learned how they could:

  • Centralize your printed and digital materials
  • Reduce Costs
  • Print items “as needed”
  • Maintain brand standards across multiple locations
  • Use automation to reduce touches

We had a great turnout and Ted Raymond, Principal at Pixa, covered a lot of ground in the 30-minute webinar.  Things went really well and the early feedback was so positive, we wanted to share the information through our weekly blog as well.

There were two use cases presented:

  1. How a field sales rep could benefit from a portal to manage collateral orders while traveling

  2. Nicole Shores from Girl Scouts gave a “real-world” explanation of how her organization utilizes the Pixa Portal to maintain brand standards, stay in compliance with the school districts and ultimately saves her a tremendous amount of time.

If thinking about managing collateral is like pushing on a bruise for your organization, investing 30 minutes of your time to watch this webinar on-demand and learn about a better way to manage the marketing supply chain could be a game changer.  


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