January 24, 2019 Informed Delivery is Here!


What is Informed Delivery?

Informed delivery is a new service from the USPS®. It's a consumer-facing feature that sends out an email every morning to recipients, showing them what to expect in their mailboxes. It also allows for marketers to incorporate interactive elements to their campaign. 

There are currently over 7 million people enrolled, with more joining everyday!

But How Does It Work?

Once enrolled, a consumer is able to check the informed delivery via an email, an online dashboard or through a mobile app.  Along with knowing what to expect in their mailboxes, users can also automatically track packages, set up email/text alerts to avoid entering tracking numbers and enter USPS Delivery Instruction to their mail carrier.

But let's get back to informed delivery. In addition to a preview image of the mail piece, a user will also see:

  • Banner ads associated with that mailing
  • URLs and calls-to-action they can reply to straight away
  • Additional ad images and graphics that can be used to enhance the overall campaign.

Consumers love it because of the convenient way they can now interact with their mail, even while away from home or on vacation. The USPS says that 89% of users are satisfied with the service and 93% would refer it to a friend!


So, What Does This Mean For A Marketer?

Quite a lot, actually! Informed delivery is a powerful tool to enhance your marketing campaigns.

It allows you to generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece as well as increasing the duration of a campaign. Each ad will remain online for several days, and has the ability to generate several additional graphics and CTAs that may not be included in the physical mail piece.

Informed delivery is also great at getting your piece seen by all members of a household, instead of just the person who checks the mail. This way, each member (that signs up) can view what's expected and if they find their spouse or roommate has already thrown out the mail, they are still able to redeem your offer, if interested.

With just a physical address, you are able to reach your target audience digitally! That's huge. 

And with Informed Delivery, you, as a marketer, will receive a full report for each campaign listing your data. You'll know the click-through rates by zip code so you can better target your next campaign to see even more successful results next time.


Are There Any Restrictions?

To be eligible for Informed Delivery, a mail piece must be a letter, postcard or flat and it MUST be automation compatible and scanned through USPS equipment. All pieces will also require a valid IMb®, the bar code that appears at the bottom of the envelope.

Although it is common across most of the United States, there are still a few areas where it's not available. To view up to date location availability, visit here.


Ready for Informed Delivery?

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