April 11, 2018 Integrated Campaign Spotlight - Local Leads!

The Pixa team is working with a local doctor to bring new patients into his vein disorder clinic. After redesigning the website with a modern, mobile friendly design in 2017 we were ready to drive traffic with an integrated offline to online campaign.


  • Implemented trackable phone numbers for campaign ROI reporting
  • Matched home addresses with email addresses to test lift on response rate
  • Eye catching creative includes a free offer and gives recipients multiple options to respond

93990-1 VV Graphic_FB

What is an integrated campaign? An integrated campaign is a marketing initiative designed to meet prospects where they prefer to interact with your brand – offline by mail or phone, online by email or website. A well run integrated campaign creates a seamless experience for your audience.

Channels: Direct Mail (Postcard), email, trackable phone number, unique landing page

The List: The campaign targeted high income women ages 40-60 who live within 5 miles of the practice.

Creative: Bright, friendly and easy to read creative is eye catching and effective.

The Offer: A free consultation is a win win for everyone! It takes the risk out of evaluating the practice and lets the doctor introduce his staff and services to highly qualified leads.

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