January 15, 2019 National Popcorn Day 2019 is Almost Here!


Pull out your calendars and sharpen your pencils cause you have 4 days left to plan the most poppin event of the season.

NATIONAL POPCORN DAY is January 19, 2019!


That means, here at Pixa, January 19 is a national holiday. But you know, one of those second tier holidays where you still have to work. And we're A-OK with that, because we will be working...on eating our way through the day! Well, technically, we will be observing it as an office on Friday, January 18 and we suggest you do so as well.

If you're new around here, let me explain. Popcorn is pretty important to us as a company. It's a part of our culture. We truly don't know where we would be without our regular popcorn breaks. There's a certain magic that happens when we gather around the microwave. All the stresses from the day just seem to fall away for 2 glorious minutes while we bask in the smell of buttery goodness.

We eat it for meetings, and for breaks and for afternoon pick-me-ups. We eat it hot from the microwave or cold from a bowl in the breakroom. We eat it plain or jazzed up with caramel when we're feeling fancy. But on National Popcorn Day, we do more than just eat it. We play with it! 


This Friday, after our morning meeting in which we will all snack on some popcorn as a warm up, we will head into the day's popcorn related activities. We may start with a popcorn throwing contest or make popcorn tinsel to wear as edible jewelry. There's a chance we will have popcorn races using a straw to blow individual kernels across the conference table or we might guess how many popcorn kernels will pop in one standard bag. There may even be prizes. Or we may simply sit around and eat popcorn while reminiscing on past popcorn days. 

The point is, we will celebrate. Not necessarily because popcorn is the greatest snack on the planet (it is, though), but because it is something that brings us together as a team and makes us smile. And that's what matters. 

We recommend you and your team find your own way to celebrate the ordinary things in office life. If you aren't a fan of popcorn, don't worry. You can bring your team together for something else. Start with a potluck and tell everyone to bring their favorite snack!


•Just print and hang up in the break room•

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