November 01, 2018 National World Vegan Day

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It's World Vegan Day! 

Ok maybe not the most exciting day of the year, but we love any reason to celebrate with food. Even if that food is vegetables. 

So in the spirit of celebration, let's learn a bit more about this magical veggie-filled day. 

We did our research and found the following fun facts surrounding veganism:

  • On November 1st, 1944, Donald Watson called a meeting of 5 other non-dairy vegetarians that he knew to discuss non-dairy vegetarian diets. As such, they founded a new movement that would be eventually called the vegan lifestyle.
  • In 1994, on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Vegan Society, a day to commemorate and promote the vegan lifestyle was proposed.
  • The vegan lifestyle offers a wide-range of benefits for human health, protects the well-being of animals and helps protect the environment.

Now that we're all schooled on vegan history, let's focus on the main event: WHAT DO WE EAT TODAY?!

Well, have no fear! Going vegan doesn't mean going without all of your favorite flavors. It just means getting to those flavors in different ways. Below are some of the top vegan dishes that will have you questioning why you didn't make the switch sooner.

Vegan Mac & Cheese

Cauliflower Hot Wings

The Best Ever Vegan Burger

And even if you don't decide to become a life-long vegan, it's always nice to try new foods and see how other people eat.

Happy World Vegan Day! Enjoy!
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