February 22, 2019 Who Needs a Pixa Print Portal?


Are you a fan of inefficiency and wasted time, money and supplies?

If so, thanks for being honest, but this is where we say our goodbyes. Because this post is all about how a Pixa Print Portal can eliminate those headaches so you can get back to doing your actual job. 

Print portals are powerful tools to help you manage your business collateral. They are the one stop shop for all your business paper needs. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, marketing materials at your fingertips.

A Pixa Print Portal can help you:

  • Provide what you need when you need it
  • Manage brand uniformity
  • Eliminate unnecessary touch points
  • Improve speed to market
  • Provide flexibility for users
  • Reduce waste


So who's a good fit?

Meet Andy

Andy is a field sales person. He wants easy access to important marketing material and he wants to customize those materials, but he really hates filling out expense reports. Sound familiar? You might be an Andy, too!

Let's say that Andy is going to a trade show, where he is exhibiting and looking to promote his company. He knows he needs flyers. Without a print portal, Andy is left to come up with what he needs the flyer to say, find a designer, translate that information to the designer, wait for proofs, go through revisions, approve the flyer, wait for production and FINALLY get his flyers at the last minute....along with a big bill and another expense report to fill out.

But in an alternate universe, Andy has a print portal all set up. He simply logs on, finds his base marketing flyer template, uses the online design tool to update the information to fit his needs and orders the flyer right then through an online shopping cart. He even chooses to have the flyers drop-shipped right to the hotel he will be staying at for the trade show, eliminating the risk of him forgetting to pack them. And that's it! Andy takes the rest of the day off! This is an alternate universe after all...

See the difference? On one hand, Andy is stressed out, overworked and paying unnecessarily in time and money. On the other hand, he has efficiently taken care of his marketing needs in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Which Andy do you want to be?


So, if you’re ready to be like calm, relaxed Andy, a Web-to-Print portal could be just the thing you need. Give us a call and let’s go over your options.



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