March 01, 2019 Why Use a Print Portal?

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It seems like more and more companies are talking about print portals, web-to-print systems or online collateral management.  Sounds interesting, but what do these terms mean?  Actually, they are all pretty much the same.  We’re a little biased, but we prefer the term Pixa Portal.

A print portal is a centralized tool that helps companies with creation, proofing, ordering, distributing and accounting for collateral materials.  Users are able to customize approval workflows, manage budgeting/reporting and streamline inventory control.  In other words, a Pixa Portal saves your organization time and money… simple as that!

A recent study by InfoTrends about the Cost of Business Communication found that for every $1 spent on marketing materials, there is $6 spent managing the process.  That is a remarkable number.  


Some other interesting studies from YourCloud IDC and the CMO Council found that workers conduct 8 searches on average to find what they are looking for and 78% of marketers said they have a closet full of outdated materials.  Even more marketers said they had sent outdated collateral to clients and prospects because of the time it takes to replenish them.

Here is what you can expect when switching to a portal that is setup by a strategic print partner:

  • 70% reduction in the time it takes to manage orders
  • 40% fewer art requests from your designer
  • 10X improvement in the use of marketing collateral

In addition, print portals allow you to centralize all printed materials in one place, print on-demand, maintain brand standards across multiple locations and use automation to reduce the number of touches. 

No wonder there’s all this talk about online portals and more efficient ways to manage collateral.  So back to the original question – Why use a print portal?  The answer seems like a no-brainer… to save and money by streamlining your process and reigning in your marketing budget! 


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